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Review: Coco Before Chanel (2009)

Coco Chanel is a self-made woman in every sense of the word.

Review: Iris (2015)

A new documentary chronicling Iris Apfel’s singular style celebrates maximal fashion and a life well-lived.

Lyric: The Red Shoes (1993) by Kate Bush

Just take off my red shoes, put them on and your dream’ll come true.

Recommendation: 200 Hours Later…The Incredible Journey Of This Dior Couture Dress (Refinery29)

Follow the creation of a Dior Haute Couture dress from start to finish.

Review: Dior and I (2014)

Frédéric Tcheng’s inspiring new fashion documentary captures the pleasure and the pain of the creative process.

Celluloid: The Original Mean Girls

We all know about that iconic blue dress in Walt Disney’s Cinderella, but it’s another dress in the film that offers more food for thought.

Excerpt: Dangerous Game

Though it was still daylight, the hot lamp was shining full-beam over the mahjong table. Diamond rings flashed under its glare as their wearers clacked and reshuffled their…