British Vogue has put together a great series on the inner workings of the fashion industry. I’ve been following the series for a few weeks, and I find it very well done, with informative tidbits for everyone who wants to find out how to go about becoming a fashion designer, critic, buyer or marketer. Hosted by British It girl Alexa Chung, it features interviews with major players such as designers Christopher Kane, Paul Smith and heavyweight fashion journalist Sarah Mower. My favourite so far is the third episode, which covers fashion from a more academic and theoretical perspective and in particular the psychology of fashion, which I love.

All in all, the series is valuable for exposing the audience to the wide variety of jobs available in the industry, which will not only provide more information for the layman wanting to get to familiarise themselves with a little-known and misunderstood industry but also provides valuable nuggets for those who have an interest in finding their feet in it.


Screen still from The Future of Fashion with Alexa Chung from WWD

The Future of Fashion with Alexa Chung from YouTube